Katharina Katt (QueenVamp) (katharinakatt) wrote in randomactsofart,
Katharina Katt (QueenVamp)

Male art / photography needed

Male art or photography needed in nude artful poses. Prefer those not showing the penis.

Desire strong (or slim/fit) models in submissive or non threatening poses for adult subject website. (Not a porn site.)

Since the site is free there can be no payment offered however a graphic button and full links and credit indications will be provided in exchange for use of multiple photos.

I was using stock photos from http://justmeina.deviantart.com/ however he has decided to have them removed which I did at his request. I list him so that you can see generally what I am looking for.

Feel free to contact me directly for more information on this project.

Art/Photos are needed ASAP.

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