E. Pritchard (rubyslippers01) wrote in randomactsofart,
E. Pritchard

Ass Crack

You’ve never seen a sky so sapphire blue
Hot air balloons are taking off in your chest
The restaurant where you sit was built in 1952
The menu is so torn and stained that you think
it too must be from 1952

The biggest bowl of chips you’ve ever seen
costs only $3.50
& that seems cheap, it seems almost free
& you feel so giddy
that when you open up your mouth to speak,
you just keep grinning like a fool
& the only sound you can make is a squeak

The man waiting tables is rather fat
& he looks mean,
like he doesn’t give a damn about anything,
& as he passes, his pants are hung
so low that you can see virtually the entire
crack of his huge ass

You find it charming
You want to hug the grouchy man
You want to kiss him,
not because you love him,
but because the sight of the crack of his hairy ass
has brought such a surge of magic into your life,
an extra push of colour & vibrancy & pure, stark reality
into a landscape you thought would be forever peopled by
imaginary ghosts.

THANK YOU, chubby restaurant guy, you think,
for sharing the crack of your huge ass with the rest of us
THANK YOU for being so enchantingly, endearingly grumpy
THANK YOU for never once wishing you were Brad Pitt,
or Hugh Heffner
instead of just plain you,

& for the way you grunt when you slap the mop
into the dingy, murky water in the bucket,
for the fact that you wipe the tables with a rag that is
filthier than every other surface in this place,
& for the way you look right now,
captured in this instant,
scraping dried egg off of off-white plates.

Your lives both steered you somehow here,
& nothing could ever surpass the beauty of the way
his irritable eyes meet yours as he carries away your cutlery,
still slick with your saliva.

Breathe in deep that lovely fried food smell.
You are real
Anything is possible
Everything is probable
& fate & time &
all the bad luck & good luck
of our lives has sent us spinning
irrevocably each toward the other.
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