E. Pritchard (rubyslippers01) wrote in randomactsofart,
E. Pritchard


I must admit that,
until then
I had found her indifferent
yet somewhat mysterious
But somehow
We ended at a work function together
Me, and my co-worker.

During the night,
She looked at me
And said, “Let’s get plastered.”
And I began to grin stupidly.
Things were about to get interesting,
And of course I never turn down a drink.

So she took me to a Karaoke Bar
And it suddenly hit me
This woman was extremely attractive.
She threw off her jacket revealing
A tight, black slinky top
She let down her hair:
Long, thick, waving,
shining, brown hair
That cascaded down her shoulders
almost engulfing her
Contrasting beautifully with the darkness of her top.

She was stunning
Her eyes were soft and blue,
fringed with long, silky lashes.
Her eyes danced with mischief.

And then she began to drink.
And drink
And drink
And then she began to sing
And dance,
grinding to the music as it overtook her.

She began to gyrate like Madonna on methamphetamines
And every man in the bar turned
To stare at her
Jaws dropped open.
She smiled
And I smiled,
knowing that she was with me.

My co-worker is breath-takingly stunning,
Sensual & pure.
Looking at her knocked the wind clean out of me,
turning my stomach in knots of anticipation.

I thought to myself
How had I not seen it?
Had I been so blind?
Or had she simply been a master of disguise?
I saw that she was dangerous,
complicated & intelligant,
beautifully open to the world.

And she made me remember Mexico
When I was seven years old;
And how I found
A large,
perfect conch shell
In the surf.
I picked it up
I wanted to own it
But then suddenly
A long, glistening tentacle
Snaked out of the shell
In alarm, flailing in the air.
I dropped it with a gasp
Shocked and grateful
Moved to tears
Because I had discovered that
The teeming world is rich with secret life
None of which can be owned or known,
or even categorized
Because nothing is ever what it seems

It is better.
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