melkatharine (melkatharine) wrote in randomactsofart,

Do You Get It?

It is so hot, there, where you are
But not in the sexy, sweating way
More like suffocating humidity
Muggy, but not like coffee cups
Are just lying around everywhere

Isn’t it confusing that the language
We speak IS the subtext?
Multiple words with the same meaning
Multiple meanings for just one word

Grown-ups know that ‘pot’ is weed
Somehow the secret got let out
That kids weren’t after kitchenware

“How you doin’?” used to mean just that
Until Joey came along and spiced it up

The blank space between the lines
Is loaded with what doesn’t get said
Bursting at the metaphorical seams
With the words that don’t get printed

The bad parts are left out of the fairytales
They don’t tell you years can go by
Between having the dream; and living the dream

They sing about unrequited love
As if it is a good thing, so romantic!
Romantically depressing, and unnecessary

No one looks perfect when they wake up

No one mentions unfortunate sex noises
Why is that I wonder, is everyone embarrased?
Are we all too scared to admit
That we really aren’t perfect, and mean it?

Spaces between words aren’t spaces
They are breaths, for moments of contemplation
And when we don’t like what we realise
We put the book down and stop reading

It’s like metaphors were invented
Just for the purpose of confusion
I suppose that is the joy of code.
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